Pen by Prompt is a comprehensive English academic literacy solution for K-12 and postsecondary.

Pen provides learners with the foundational reading and writing skills to successfully use English in academic environments.

The Pen platform combines all evidence-based best practices in English reading and writing instruction into a single, easy-to-implement supplemental curriculum.

The Pen English academic literacy curriculum focuses on three areas:

The Pen platform is commonly used in a flipped classroom or blended learning environment. It includes:

See Prompt’s English academic literacy platform in action

Prompt is a world leader in literacy education.

Prompt’s mission is to make people better writers and thinkers. Three MIT engineers founded Prompt in 2014 by combining technology with the best literacy instructors and instruction. Pen by Prompt delivers a seamless student experience by integrating evidence-based instruction, individualized supports, and a literacy-specific curriculum and instruction delivery technology platform. Over 50,000 learners use Prompt.
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